The most beautiful horses in the world of TOP-5 breeds


You can ask endlessly the lovers of these animals about what the most beautiful horses are. Most of these people are delighted with every horse. The gracefulness of horses is admirable, and their kind and expressive eyes are simply mesmerizing. If you ignore such worship of every horse, you can list the most beautiful horses in the world, based on the opinion of most people associated with horse breeding.

So, the list of the most beautiful breeds of horses according to the version of the portal about horses Here you will find the most beautiful horses of the world in the photo and a description of their breeds.


5 places by right occupies: English riding horse

These graceful handsome men from England are not only distinguished by their extraordinary playfulness, but also by their beautiful appearance. In suit, these horses are monochrome. Most often, you can find red, bay, brown, and also, black color. In a thoroughbred horse, the backbone is thin. And the muscles and tendons are beautifully and prominently highlighted. Moreover, the skin of this beautiful horse is thin and elastic. The horses of this breed are distinguished by a dry head with an oblong occiput, and also, a tall and long withers. On the feet of the English riding brush are absent.

About character and character

The English thoroughbred for temperament is vigorous. The reaction of this horse is very fast, in training this horse is capable of maximizing the impact of its forces.

About the history of the breed

In the UK, even in the time of Caesar, there was no shortage of fast and sturdy horses. When firearms appeared, there was a need for light and fast horses. The eighteenth century was marked by the appearance in England of purebred mounts. The initial "material" for their removal was the eastern horses. During selection, great importance was given to speed indicators during the races. Royal breeders supplied mares for breeding, which had ancestors of Spanish, as well as Hungarian blood. Stallions-producers were selected by the eastern blood. They were brought from the battlefield. The founder of the breed is the stallion Turk Turk Beerlei. Improvement of this breed of horses was promoted by the development of equestrian sport in England.


4th place goes to the breed: Oryol trotter

This magnificent horse will not leave anyone indifferent - so it is beautiful and harmoniously composed. Oryol trotters are called pride, and also, the glory of horse breeding in Russia. Genetically this horse has the ability to jump on a lynx lynx.

Orlovsky trotter is admired and thanks to an unusual suit - gray in apples. There are horses of this breed and common suits, but this one is the most beautiful. The neck of this horse has a bend like a swan, its movements are graceful, the posture is proud. Special attention should be paid to the eyes of this horse, which differ in expressiveness and surprising radiance.

About character and nature

The character of the Orlov trotter traces calmness and goodwill, which does not prevent them from being very energetic at the races.


Honorary 3rd place: Friesian horse

Perhaps it is difficult to find a lover of horses, indifferent to the frieze. This proud black crow is always in the spotlight. According to many - this is the most beautiful horse in the world. The neck of this beautiful horse is set high and its majestic bend. The mane and tail are very long and lush. The long legs of the frieze are decorated with brushes that fall on the hoofs of black color. A distinctive feature of these horses can be called black color, although, in ancient times, there were friezes and bay-stalk, and it is not so rare.

About character and nature

The horse of the Frisian breed is very energetic, as well. Balance of character. This combination of qualities makes this horse indispensable for riding an amateurish plan. The horses of this breed are good both in harness to the crew, and under the saddle when performing the dressage elements. Friesian horses when harnessed to coaches look great thanks to a beautiful trot.


Honored 2 place: Akhal-Teke

This ancient breed of horses is the pride of Turkmen horse breeders. Particular attention is drawn to the harmonious physique of the handsome Akhal-Teke. For leanness and extraordinary temperament, this horse is even called a "desert hound". The name of the breed comes from the name of the oasis, and also, the name of the tribe of Turkmens. Ask any Turkmen what the most beautiful horses in the world are, he, invariably, will point to the Akhaltekeans.

Akhal-Teke strikes with a light head, beautiful ears. And also, incredibly huge and expressive eyes. The neck of this horse is very long and thin, legs slender and long. The grace of this horse is impressive. Thanks to the thin skin and silky wool this horse looks like a picture.

About character and nature

The fervor of the character of this horse and its devotion to one master is legendary. Traditionally, the diet of these horses included small-size feeds, but high calorie content. The food in the arid desert was limited; therefore, the Akhal-Teke was very dependent on people. These horses have always been surrounded by the care and love of the owners, maybe; therefore, they may seem effeminate. The master taught the horse to distrust the stranger, giving him his defense. Some horse breeders consider this character trait a heavy temper.

Akhalteke people are extremely hardy at high mileage; they can go without water for a long time. Turkmens often decorate the harness of these horses with silver, and also, with precious stones. On the neck of the horse wear a guard with quotes from the Quran (sacred book).




 1 place: Arabian horses - the most beautiful horses!

The horses of this oldest and cleanest breed in the world are considered the most beautiful in the world. "Shovel" profile of the head of this horse is unique. Her eyes are incredibly expressive, and the movements are surprisingly smooth.

The origin of this amazingly beautiful horse is shrouded in mystery. It is believed that this horse is a gift of Allah, which combined in the horse the speed of the wind, unearthly beauty and comfortable back for the comfort of the rider.

The convexity of the forehead of the Arabian horse was associated with the blessing of the Most High. A high-lifted tail meant pride.

Since ancient times, the development of the breed took place in isolation, very strict rules of breeding were observed, which prevented the admixture of foreign blood.

The Bedouins valued their horses very much, and the Arabian mare was considered an especially expensive gift. In modern horse breeding, these fine horses are used to improve the qualities of other breeds. At auctions, excellent Arab horses always find buyers.

 The convexity of the forehead of the Arabian horse was assorted with the blessing of the most Hugh the development of the took place on the regalement of association.

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